Intro (Drums and Bass 2nd x)

Welcome one and all to my newest endeavor.  Since the Blogsphere seems to be the most flourishing community of all sorts of Jazz opinion and research outside of New York, I thought that I would jump in the pool and see how it is.

My intention on this blog will be to create discussion and provide some resources about practicing, playing and enjoying Jazz.  My goal is to write a  post every day , with some kind of manuscript content every week or so.  Unfortunately, in the grand scope of things, my knowledge of Jazz is rather limited, especially that of musicians who recorded past 1965(with some notable exceptions).  However my passion for Jazz and my want to learn is endless, so if I get something wrong in any of this(and I will), please feel free to brutally correct me.

I’m excited to get this started, but have nothing fresh to offer in terms of opinion today.  So here is my favourite youtube video of a piano player.

His time is unbelievable, his feel is unmatched, and the arrangement is so great it hurts.  Check out the force that he plays those left hand octaves!  I’ve always wondered what would happen if the rhythm sections behind Erroll were more interactive than Eddie Calhoun and Kelly Martin.  With his control of microscopic time, I’m sure that it could be quite something to add a more improvisatory element rhythmically. He played with people like Denzil Best and Art Blakey back in the day, but from what I’ve read, it sounds like it was more of a jobbing gig for them.

A friend of mine, Don Coffman who is a head of the Jazz department at The University of Miami, played with Erroll in the 70s, and assured me that although it was one of the more difficult gigs of his life, that it was more an accompanying gig than anything.

Due to my love for Erroll and my love of interactive drummers, don’t be surprised if you hear me playing exactly like this in about ten years.  If you live near me and know where I’m playing that is.

Remember the left hand!



~ by Martin Porter on November 14, 2010.

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