Little Sleep and Much Work

No blogs today or yesterday.  I got an eleventh hour email to play with Dave Binney at a clinic.  He sent three charts, all of which were fairly difficult.  Although I am not too acquainted with his music, I am very well acquainted with the company he keeps(Dan Weiss, Jacob Sacks, Craig Taborn et al) .  The gig went very well, although we didn’t play the tune I worked on all night last night.  A bit of an independence excercise(especially for me with so little classical training), even though the chords are fairly easy, and the blowing is free(on the record at least).

Here it is in full

Squares and Palaces copy

Getting both parts together is difficult.  I promise.  Still don’t have it together well enough to play the ostinato in one hand and improvise in the other.

I didn’t play like I usually do today, and more people commented positively on my playing than they ever have in the last 4 years.  Not sure what that means…

Another short blog tomorrow, and then a big one again on Saturday and Sunday.  Late year crunch is on and heavy.

“A day you don’t shed is a day you don’t eat!” -Sean Jones



~ by Martin Porter on November 26, 2010.

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