The Most Literal Title

So coming back from the holidays, I’ve begun lifting a whole bunch of tunes for a concert I have later in the year.


One of the tunes I was lifting is called Two Different Worlds.  It’s a song by Jaki Byard, one of my absolute favourite pianists, playing trio.  It’s a beautiful ballad, and he shows a strong sense of direction while creating that tonal subtlety that I love so much.  The harmony is pure Jaki, and it was a perfect fit for my program.  When I talked about melodic prowess earlier, this was the track of Jaki’s that I was thinking of.

Have a listen.

Now, you should also buy the album.  This is my favourite Jaki album, and at this point, probably a desert Island pick.    Anyways, so I set out to lift this beautiful song, which I’ve never heard another person play.


I was reading the liner notes to the CD(and it’s shocking that I hadn’t prior…), and found two interesting things: one, that the song is the title of a movie,  and two, that Jaki didn’t even write it.  “Who cares?” I said.  It’s not uncommon for a player like Jaki to find a song that has never been trod, and make it ultra-hip.  I’d never heard of the Frisch-Wayne songwriting duo, although I assumed that they were a one hit wonder kind of team.  Curious, I looked them up, and there seems to be barely any information on them.  Also, the movie that the song comes from has vanished from existence.  IMDB shows no trace of it.  In a last ditch effort, I put it into youtube to see what happened.  What came up was not the video you see above.  I knew that there was a song by Roy Acuff called “We Live in Two Different Worlds”, and that’s what I was expecting.  How wrong I was.

Hide your children.

Now I’ve become a lot more tolerant of different types of music over the last couple of years.  I try my damnedest to find the silver lining.  But this is in no way happening.  I can’t stand it, everything about it is wrong.  The worst part is hearing the melody in my head as Jaki plays it over the fender bass.  I can’t handle it, and I met Humperdinck on a plane once, and rather enjoyed his company.

However, there is a silver lining in the situation.  I now know why everything Jaki plays is hip.  When something isn’t hip, he steamrollers through it with his ability to make anything happening and swinging.  He never was short of material, because he could make sewage water into Bordeaux.  Now, imagine how he did making good compositions sound good?  Man oh man, I love Jaki Byard.

“Eric Dolphy was one of my favorite musicians.  If you hear some of the last things he recorded, in Europe, on alto, you will hear the direction the alto is going in reality…”  -Jaki Byard



~ by Martin Porter on December 30, 2010.

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