Eye of the Hurricane/Motor Cities and Wheel Bearings

I played Eye of the Hurricane in the eye of a hurricane.

I couldn’t resist. I called an outside source since I didn’t have any power, and once they told me that it was only the eye of the hurricane, I went right to the piano. I’ll never get a chance to do it again, because the next time I hear a hurricane’s coming, I’m going to Cleveland. I slept through most of the storm and it still sucked. No power or water till this day, and there is a huge tree wrapped in livewires on the lawn. Land line is out too. I’d hate to see what it was like on the coast. Or in a real hurricane for that matter.

Regardless, this means that I may be the harbinger of NYC’s doom, seeing as I’ve brought an earthquake and a hurricane in less than two weeks, at an average of one natural disaster a week.

I would have posted this last night, but I was interrupted by an invitation(from Tim Ries and Billy Drummond, no less) to go see Mark Copland play with Gary Peacock and Victor Lewis. Amazing band. I’d never seen Gary play live before, so that was nice, but even better were Copland and Victor. I’ve never seen Victor in an open situation like that. He is a minimalist of great strength, waiting in the tall grass for the right time to strike. And his textures are fresh and interesting, using the rims of the drums and the edges of the cymbals. He also played half the gig with hot-rods.

But Copland, goodness gracious. His harmonic knowledge runs unbelievably deep. His solo-ish version of I loves you Porgy knocked me right out.He’s the first pianist that I was impressed by who was not a legend or a complete technician in a while.

That may change this weekend, when I go to Detroit for my yearly romp in the world’s greatest free admission jazz festival. I’ll be seeing two other pianists I’ve never seen live, Vijay Iyer(not a fan, but that may change), and Jason Moran(huge fan, not gonna change). Hopefully I can enjoy their music this weekend AND running water when I get back

On the young musician moving to NYC front, I don’t suggest going to the gig until 2:30 and waking up at 6:00. Caffeine’s expensive.

Stay tuned for follies with Ethan Iverson and Mike Kanan


“I think you have a wheel bearing loose, man.” [ten minutes later] “Yeah, I’d put money on that being a wheel bearing loose.”- Tim Ries, to Billy Drummond on how he definitely has a wheel bearing loose in his car. (quote one of about ten for the night. We’re waiting for confirmation that it actually was a wheel bearing.)


~ by Martin Porter on September 1, 2011.

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