A Good Run

I’m just now coming back from my fourth night seeing Marcus Roberts this week.  Luckily I have an in, and can go for free.  A lot has happened, a lot of great hangs, a lot of great music, and my first appearance at Dizzy’s!

Next week, I’m going to tell you all about it.  I’m writing a series of four posts describing the week.  Tomorrow I’m going to Marcus’ last night, and I’ll begin writing on Monday after I see Tim Ries playing with Ali Jackson, in keeping with the JALC theme that has become my late January.  Stay tuned.

Also, he’s one of the three people on my sidebar, but check out Ted Panken’s blog this week.  He’s got amazing stuff on Max Roach, one of my all time heroes (I was once asked which musician I would like to become, whose style, popularity, approach, influence, musicianship etc.  I would like most to mirror.  I thought for only a minute, and said Max Roach.  That was about three years ago, and the more I think about it, I become more and more firm about my position on that.)  He also just posted a textbook on Benny Golson.  Consistently excellent writing.  One of the best today, if you ask me.

Also, a heartfelt moment for Clare Fischer, who passed away this past week.  He’s been on my list of people to do an in depth study on for a while.  So far I’ve only been listening to his records.  Eventually I’ll probably write some about him and do some transcribing, but for now, I’ll just say that he is grossly underappreciated as a pianist.  He was sophisticated and sensitive.  No him, no Bill Evans, no Herbie(so about 95% of modern pianists would sound different.  Herbie has straight up stated that he used to steal Clare’s stuff all the time.  I can’t blame him.

“So I asked Erroll, ‘How about playing a tune?’  He said, ‘Yeah, if you sing one!’  So I get up to the piano and I gave a tune—I can’t remember what it was—he’s giving me this lost look and says, ‘Where do I start?’  I said, ‘A flat’, and he says, ‘show me A flat!’  So I reached over and just laid my hands on the keys without actually playing and he nodded at me.  He started right in and played the whole thing in A flat.  It was marvelous” —Clare Stewart, wife of Slam Stewart, vocalist, and personal friend of Erroll Garner



~ by Martin Porter on January 29, 2012.

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